90 minutes of siege when Real Madrid visits Sevilla

betis sevillaReal Madrid remains within striking distance and in the unlikely event that neither Atletico Madrid nor Barcelona win tonight, they could be tied for the lead. Tonight they won’t have home pitch advantage and will travel to meet a team that caused them plenty of headaches in the past, but they are still big favorites to win. The reasoning is simple, as they sit on the 3rd place and face a team that hit rock-bottom two months ago, but there are a couple of more arguments in favor of backing the visitors.

They have just two players missing due to injuries and their defense is impeccable, so there is no reason to worry about the hosts actually capitalizing on their advantage. Real Madrid is undefeated in more than three months and have recently extended its winning streak in all competitions, to 7 in a row. They pack quite a punch offensively and a quick glance at the head to head results will only reinforce the conviction that they are going to win again in Sevilla.

The odds for an away victory are dismal and risk-averse punters will have to choose between backing them at better odds to cover the spread or settle for odds that have no value. It is not worth the risk and the fact that Betis is bound to defend with two thick lines is going to further complicate the visitors’ mission of winning by 3 goals or more. This is why those who are hell-bent on betting on this match should contemplate the possibility of wagering on the number of goals.

There is no consensus about what type of wager would be more appropriate, as the hosts are not going to try anything funny but defend for 90 minutes. Some consider that Betis will suffer a meltdown and the 3.5 goals line will be crossed, but we think that punters should bet on the exact opposite. Check out this link http://tipsteracademy.com/#!tips/football/spain/liga-bbva/2014/01/19/betis-sevilla-vs-real-madrid to get a better picture about what tipsters are waiting from this game and make an informed decision.