A Quick Guide to Football Betting Options

Football Game

Anyone who sets out to place a football bet for the very first time may be surprised to discover that there are dozens of different bet types to choose from.

Some enable the bettor to make more specific predictions about the outcome of a match in an effort to make bigger profits, if their predictions are accurate. Others actually give bettors the chance to make money from football betting, even without predicting the overall outcome of the match as a whole.

This quick guide to football betting options highlights the most popular types of bets that are available, and explains how they work.

Match Result

The most common football bet involves predicting the overall result of a match when the full-time whistle is blown after 90 minutes of play (plus any stoppage time). You can bet on which team will win, or on the match resulting as a draw, and the odds available will – as in all other football bets – reflect the previous performance of the teams involved.

Note, that the match result bet does not normally include any extra time that is added to a match, so a match which is drawn at 90 minutes and then sees extra time being played (during a tournament game, for example) would be settled as a draw.

Half-Time Result

The half-time result market allows you to bet on what the result will be when the half-time whistle is blown after 45 minutes of play. In all other respects, this type of bet is identical to the match result bet, although the odds will obviously differ, depending on how the teams involved have played in the first halves of their previous matches.

Half-Time/Full-Time Result

Also known as the ‘double result’ bet, this market requires you to bet on what the result will be at both half-time and full-time. Because you effectively have to make two predictions, the chances of success with this type of bet are slimmer than in the match result or half-time result markets, but the odds paid are more generous to reflect that fact.

Draw No Bet

Some online betting sites allow you to bet in a ‘Draw No Bet’ market. This offers odds about each of the two teams winning the match, but if the match results in a draw, all bets are void and any money you bet will be returned to your account.

Correct Score

This market enables you to predict what the final score of a match will be when the full-time whistle is blown after 90 minutes of play.

The most common score lines are priced for every match, and the odds offered for each will depend on their likelihood according to the odds-makers. An ‘any other score’ outcome is also offered for those who want to bet on a score line which is not listed.

Half-Time Score

The half-time score bet works in exactly the same way as the correct score bet, but here you must predict what the score will be when the half-time whistle is blown after 45 minutes of play.

Number of Goals Scored

Bettors can predict how many goals will be scored in total by the time the full-time whistle is blown. This is done by betting that the number of goals scored will be under or over a certain value.

For example, bet on Under 0.5 goals and you are effectively saying that you don’t expect any goals to be scored, and your bet would win in that situation, but it would lose if one or more goals were scored. Similarly, a bet on Over 2.5 goals would win if three or more goals were scored, but it would lose if two or fewer goals were scored.

Both Teams to Score

One of the simplest of football betting markets is the one that allows you to bet on whether or not both teams will score a goal during the 90 minutes of play. This is a straightforward Yes or No proposition, and if you answer it correctly, your bet will win.

First Goalscorer

The first goalscorer betting markets tend to offer quite impressive odds, but that’s because you have to predict which player will be the first to score a goal in a given match.

Each player in this market will be offered at different odds, according to a number of factors, such as their playing position and their previous goal-scoring record. A striker who is a prolific goal-scorer would therefore pay lower odds than a defender who scores rarely. If you think that no goal will be scored then you can bet on ‘no goalscorer’, and the odds for that outcome will usually be the same as for betting on the 0-0 result in the correct score market.

Cards Shown

How many cards will be shown to players during a particular match? That is the question that bettors must answer in the cards markets. The good news is that bettors don’t need to be exact about this, because the options usually will be for Over/Under a certain number of cards. For example, if you were to bet on ‘Over 3.5’ then there would need to be four or more cards shown for your bet to win.


The corners markets require bettors to predict how many corners will be taken in a particular match. There are several ways in which these markets can be offered. In some, you must state whether there will be Over/Under a certain number of corners, as in the cards shown and goals scored markets. In others, three or more categories are offered, such as ‘9 or Less’, ’10 – 12’ and ’13 or More’.

The number of football betting options that you can choose from is vast, and the ones highlighted here just happen to be the most popular. Explore the full range of available markets at your favourite betting site and you should definitely find several that take your interest.

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The FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup 2018

U17's Woman World CupIn November 2018, the women’s world cup for under 17s will take place in the cities of  Colonia del Sacramento, Maldonado and Montevideo in Uruguay. Although the championship, organized by FIFA, does not have the mega viewership of the men’s over 21 World Cup, it is very quickly gaining popularity, particularly in nations where the men’s teams do not fare so well.


A Brief History

With a growing interest in women’s football, FIFA decided to organize the first U17 World Cup in 2008 New Zealand. That year, the North Korean team won the championship. Since then, it has been organized every two years, in the even-numbered year.

The participating teams are selected from selected qualifying tournaments held across the six confederations of football, which are head by FIFA. Five of the confederations organize special under-17 championships, except Asia’s AFC, which uses the AFC U-16 Women’s Championship to pick the participants.

This Year’s Teams

A total of 16 teams will be competing this year to lift the coveted cup at the end of the championship. Matches are organized similarly to other global tournaments, with group stages followed by finals.

The women’s under-17 world cup welcomes teams not normally associated with men’s football, including South Africa and North Korea. North Koreans, in fact, are the most successful team, having won two titles so far. They also remain favorites for this year’s event.

The first match of the competition will see Ghana play against the host nation, Uruguay. Ghana had done extremely well in the qualifying matches, scoring a total of 19 goals against their opponents, Djibouti. Neither team has yet won the winner’s title, however, Ghana has come in 3rd in the 2012 edition.

Group A, which also includes New Zealand and Finland, is currently the only full group as the other three groups are still awaiting the winners of the CONCACAF Women’s U-17 Championship. These represent teams from North and Central America as well as Carribean nations.

Currently, Group B’s team are Brazil, South Africa, and Brazil. Newer fans of this championship may be forgiven to think that Brazil poses the biggest threat to the other teams. However, it is actually Japan, who have already won the competition in 2014 who are the team to monitor closest.

Group C will see the defending champions, North Korea, battling it out against Germany, Cameroon, and the third team to be selected from the CONCACAF tournament. Whilst the German team have never won the championship, they did place third in 2018.

Finally, Group D sees the Korean Republic, Spain, and Colombia, together with a 4th team. This group is expected to provide the most exciting games since it has at least one previous winner, the Korean Republic, and one previous runner-up, Spain. Games will get even more exciting if the 4th team turns out to be the United States, which is also a previous runner-up and will certainly give the other teams very challenging games.

The Favourites

Naturally, being the only team to have raised the World Cup twice since its recent inception, North Korea is the favorite to win, with odds certainly being in their favor. Apart from winning twice, the country was also a runner-up in the 2012 tournament, proving their appetite to succeed.

The other countries to have ever won the title are Japan, South Korea, and France. The French team did not qualify for the competition this year, so they are certainly not a threat. The other nations, however, have all the right motivation to keep the cup in Asia, especially with improving relations between the countries.

As often happens in such competitions, each African nation that competes does so with the knowledge that they are playing for the entire continent, not just their nation. The pressure this yet is almost certainly on The Black Starlets. So far, Ghana has proved that it can rise up to the challenge and beat the other nations. However, with football being such an unpredictable sport, it is difficult to say what will happen.

World cup 2018

For Russia the 2018 World Cup is a chance for some much needed good publicity. We don’t know what will happen off the pitch but on it the hosts are available at 50/1 and that seems right. A recent friendly against Brazil, five time winners and joint favourites at 5/1, saw a routine 3-0 win for the South Americans in Moscow. Brazil have much to prove with their 7-1 defeat to this year’s co-favourites Germany still haunting them from World Cup 2014. The Germans couldn’t follow up 2014’s World Cup victory in Euro 2016, losing in the semi-final to France who are rated at 6/1 for this year’s event, but they have a strong squad and tend to make the latter stages of tournaments as a matter of course.

France came up short against Portugal two years ago but have the greatest strength in depth of any team playing this summer. This blessing has sometimes seemed like a curse however as finding a best starting eleven from all that talent has proved difficult for Didier Deschamps. France’s conquerors two years ago, Portugal, are relative long shots in 2018 at 25/1 but they have a tight defence and arguably the best player in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some say Ronaldo but there are many more who say Messi is the greatest. Unfortunately for the Argentine his countrymen may not be up to the task of cementing his legacy with the trophy. Available at 10/1 they were beaten 6-1 in a warm-up match by Spain who can be backed at 7/1 outright. The Argentinian forward line is spectacular but it must be to compensate for the goals their weaker defence will concede. Spain, winners in 2010, showed that a resurgence may be on the cards now that they have some genuine striking options and also merit consideration.

Europa league

Four teams remain in the UEFA Europa League and one of Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Marseille or Salzburg will lift the trophy in Lyon, thus also assuring themselves of a coveted spot in next season’s Champions League. Atletico Madrid are clear favourites and are frankly a cut above the other teams still in the competition. Since coming third in their Champions League group, where they took four points off Roma which looks even better form in retrospect, Atletico have cruised and Arsenal will have to seriously raise their game in order to qualify for the final.

The Gunners must make the most of the 1st leg at home because their away form, both domestically and in Europe is woeful and almost cost them their Europa progress so far. Atletico have only conceded four goals at home in La Liga and are undefeated despite having hosted Real Madrid and Barcelona already. According to the bookmakers the winners of this tie will most likely go on to win the tournament but Marseille and Salzburg also have their claims.

Following a 1-0 home win versus the French RB Leipzig doubled their leg within 2 minutes in Marseille. 2-0 up with an away goal, game over then? Well no, far from it! In a topsy-turvy tie Leipzig found themselves 3-1 down at half-time, 3-2 on aggregate and going out, then level at 3-3 and qualifying on away goals, before two goals for Marseille finally saw the German side eliminated.

Even more remarkably Salzburg lost the first leg 4-2 against Lazio in Italy and were 5-2 down early in the second half, but this quarter-final was not over either! Sensationally the Austrian side scored 3 goals in the space of 5 minutes to end up winning 6-5 on aggregate and taking their place in the semis.