Various frequently asked questions are listed below, if you do need an answer to another query, please email us and we will get back to you personally.

Q: Are the scores out of ten?

Technically yes, but you will find the highest score given will be 9 as we build a collection of sites that we will decide the overall winner from.

Q: If I have scored less than nine, can I still win an award of some kind?

Yes. A winner from each team will be decided at the end of the season. When equal scores mean a tie, a winner will be decided by the 4Football team.

Q: A site listed has gone offline. Does their score still count towards the league?

No. Please let us know via email of any dead links or defunct sites. Remember that the scores that matter are those published at the end of the season.

Q: My score is in red. What does this mean?

All scores from your particular club go towards your teams total, apart from those ‘coloured red’. These are sites that have been submitted and rated, but ones from who we are awaiting a link back. The link to 4Football is a simple way of accepting that you have agreed to be part of the league and a good way of letting other webmasters know about the awards. If we have listed your site with a ‘red’ score, drop us a mail to let us know if we have made a mistake or to let us know on which page the link is placed.

Q: I’m disappointed with my score compared to other sites scores. Can it be altered?

Scores can change at any time. Please remember that the scores that matter are those published at the end of the season. If you are honestly disappointed with your mark, drop us a mail so we can have another look and possibly make changes. Before the end of the season we are going to go through all the sites again to ensure we agree with our own marks as well as comments from webmasters.

Q: Why are Rivals, FootyMad and Sports Network sites rated when they are part of a big network of football sites?

The fact these sites are part of a network is taken into consideration when being rated, but we feel these sites must be included in the awards as they are updated and maintained by football fans. At the end of the day, we are trying to look at things from both a webmaster and football fan/web user perpective and the ‘network’ sites do add to the overall online presence for many clubs.

Q: A site which has used phpNuke or a php template site has got a better score than me. Is this fair considering I’ve coded my site from scratch.

On first glances, php sites might have been given a good score, this is something we will have to look at nearer the end of the season.

Q: My site isn’t as large or as in depth as some other sites, but offers something unique. How come I haven’t scored very highly?

One of the reason’s we thought a Football League of websites was a good idea was the fact that many sites offer something different. Your site may not have scored as high as some other larger sites, but never-the-less, your score is important to your teams total.

Q: My site doesn’t have a message board, but I link to one on another site. Does this add to my score?

No. The owner and maintainer of the message board is the one to benefit from this, but obviously it’s a good thing for fans and users if you feel this is more beneficial than setting up your own forum or message facility.

Q: Why isn’t the league based on a teams average scores rather than totals?

We have discussed at length the merits of creating an average score for each team as a way of determining the top team overall, but at the moment, there are too many teams with only one or two sites submitted. This would mean for example, that Doncater would have an average of 9, where as Arsenal would have an average of 7.1. There is no way in our mind that Doncaster should deserve to have a higher league standing
based on this. A good way of doing it would be to take the average of the top five scores from each team, meaning Arsenal for example would have an average of 8, but like I said, there aren’t enough sites under some teams at the moment to support this system.

It’s important for us to find out who has the best representation on the internet. It may mean that teams with the most sites will be at the top, but as you can see by the current league positions, there is still quite a bit of competition with the top four or five teams being close. A few more site submissions and the whole league could change.

Q: How can I improve my site?

We are struggling to keep up with personal responses. The best bet is to look around at other highly rated sites and see how they are going about things. Before the end of the season we are going to go through all the sites again to ensure we agree with our own marks as well as comments from webmasters, so don’t worry too much if your site has a low rating.

Q: I run a general football site that covers all UK football clubs, can I submit it to the awards and 4Football League?

You may submit general football sites, but they will not be eligible for the 4Football awards. A link to your site will be added to our Football links.

Q: Why can I not find my club on the 4Football site?

For the 2003/04 season, we are only allowing entries from teams in the Premiership, All three Nationwide Divisions and Scottish Premier. In the future we hope to add teams from many other leagues across Europe.

Q: Who is judging the sites?
Click here to view the 4Football Team.

Q: I have had my site ranked but have now added more content and changed the design. Can my score be altered?

Yes, simply resubmit your site and we will take the new changes into consideration before re-ranking it.

Q: What prizes are on offer?

A football related prize will be given to the winner of the main award category (Best site). This will be courtesy of our sponsors and details will be put on the site nearer the end of the season. All winners will get recognition through our advertising.

Q: I don’t agree with the rating given to my site. Can I have it changed?

The judges decision is final, but if you feel we may have missed something, resubmit your site adding any comments you feel necessary. We try to judge sites on certian merits and aim to give an unbiased view at all times.