Levante in danger of losing six in a row

levanteEven the worst losing streaks eventually end, so it comes as no surprise that some punters are inclined to trust Levante to win tonight over Elche. The hosts are mired in a five games losing streak and found it virtually impossible to score goals, with a single ball sent into the net over the span. The upside is that their defensive is playing much better than before and they rarely concede more than one goal per match, yet this is nothing more than a pale consolation for the team heading towards the relegation area.

Two weeks ago, they lost to Getafe in a match that was flat and unassuming from the first minute to the final whistle. As the visiting team, Levante made no effort to take the lead in the first half and even more surprising was the fact that once the hosts scored in the 79th minute, they didn’t react in any way. This has been the story in many of their recent defeats and they need to change something soon before they finally hit rock bottom and will be forced to fight an uphill battle to avoid relegation.

Not even a cup match against a team playing in the third league helped them improve their record and once again Levante conceded a goal late in the game. This brings their losing streak to five in a row and against a stringy team such as Elche, it is very likely that the downswing will continue. To make matters worse, the hosts will be playing without four of their key players and their already ineffective offense will suffer the most.

The visitors are missing Manu and Lomban but they’ve been playing without them for a couple of months now and have plenty of alternatives to replace them. The main concern for Elche is to stay focused until the final whistle, as two of the most recent three defeats were the result of a goal scored in the final minute of overtime. Villareal has been the executioner in both cases and Elche can’t afford to drop points after fighting for one and a half hours.

This is unlikely to happen tonight as they face a toothless opponent, with a shattered morale and this presents punters with multiple betting opportunities. The easiest way to handle this fixture is by betting on Elche not to lose at odds of 1.70 with most bookmakers.