So, how good is your site? This is your chance to find out from our squad of judges. We believe that if we rank sites ourselves rather than collecting supporters votes, it removes the bias towards certain teams and gives the footballing minnows a chance to shine!

Our team of web developers, designers and writers take the following aspects into consideration when rating a website:

The quality and quantity of the content, both text and images is the area our judges will look to first. The originality of the editorial is important as is the standard and consistency of the regular features.

The creative style of the site and how it appeals to the user is an important factor, as well as how the site loads and the quality of the navigation system.

Does your site offer anything different to distinguish it from the crowd? We’ll look for interesting and original features that have kept the fans coming back.

The size of football chat rooms, message boards and forums are taken into account and how your site has brought people together to talk football online.

Penalty Points!

• Excessive use of pop-up advertising
• Racist comments or abusive language
…be warned!

We will mark your site with discipline and respect, but of course, we can’t always get it right! Feel free to email us regarding your rating and we will look to re-rank it after reading your comments.