Sevilla shoots for its 6th consecutive win

Earlier this season, nobody credited Sevilla with the chance of finishing on one of the spoils eligible for the champions league. Following their string of disappointing results, many assumed that they will be more likely to back of their city rivals in an attempt of avoiding relegation. 2014 has been an excellent year for Sevilla and so far they can be satisfied with their performance, but it would be a mistake to dwell on this relative success.

Sevilla shoots for its 6th consecutive winThey won five games in a row and delivered a stunning blow to Real Madrid, by defeating them at home and jeopardizing their chances to win the championship. Unlike the former leaders who kept them in check for 90 minutes, Celta Vigo is more likely to defend and try to avoid defeat at home. The hosts have greatly improved their position in the standings and for the first time in many months they are sitting comfortably above the relegation area.

Their objective for 2014 is to finish about these psychological threshold, so that they will be playing in Primera Division for at least one more season. March has been a terrible month for them, with a single victory in five games and even though their injured players have returned to fitness, Celta was unable to win back-to-back games. Their inability to score goals is by now chronic and this could be a problem against a team that limited Real Madrid to a single goal.

Sevilla had quite an intense schedule this month and they are still fighting a battle on two fronts, in an attempt of making the semifinals of the Europa League. Overtaking Athletic Bilbao won’t be easy, but the good news is that their rivals are facing the leaders this weekend and it is quite possible for them to lose at home. There is no point in settling for a draw in Vigo and the visitors can afford to take more chances than they usually do in an attempt of securing victory.

If this strategy backfires and Sevilla loses the game as a result, there will be no consequences whatsoever and they will simply have to focus on consolidating their position. There are still six days left before they will be facing Porto in Europa league, so it is only fair to assume that the visitors won’t be resting any players. Bookmakers offered terrific odds of 2.50 for a road win tonight and given Sevilla‚Äôs recent results this is a great opportunity to round up your bankroll.